LEGEARD STUDIO is a collaborative partnership, led by Julien Legeard. Growing up in the Loire Valley in France, Julien found himself in the presence of architectural greatness at every turn, which naturally sparked a curiosity in the world of architecture, from detailing to materiality and design. In 2007, after completing his studies, Julien moved to New York where he thrived in its high energy environment. It is in New York City that Julien found his passion as he accrued incredible opportunities to work in concert with wonderful clients and talented designers on truly spectacular projects. 

In 2011, Julien Legeard opened his own collaborative group of craftsmen, The Prestige Group, which helped facilitate a number of beautiful projects, from retail to residential and hospitality. Through these collective works, Julien has garnered praise for his determined focus and care into every detail of each project from start to finish, each time ensuring skillful execution and completion.

LEGEARD STUDIO is the culmination of over a decade of experience in architectural design. Our goal is to provide architectural and design services with a powerful range of diverse expertise and a collaborative effort. We strive to create unique and innovative spaces through an interdisciplinary approach, responding to our every client’s individual needs. 

Our studio understands the ever shifting dynamics of our built environment and aims to address these shifts by use of modern technologies, innovative materials, and a sustainable approach.